Installing Eclipse in Ubuntu

Before installing eclipse IDE you need to check few things.

First, check whether you have Java installed or not. For that you need to run following command in your terminal

hduser@archana:~$ java -version

If you get the java version as a output that means you have java otherwise u need to install java.

  • First download the eclipse tar.gz package from here
  • Use the below command line to extract the tar.gz package.

hduser@archana:~$ tar xzf eclipse-jee-kepler-R-linux-gtk.tar.gz


you can also use- right click on eclipse-jee-kepler-R-linux-gtk.tar.gz and chose extract here option.

  • Move the extracted eclipse in the /opt/ folder.

hduser@archana:~$ sudo mv eclipse /opt/

  • Create a desktop file and place it into /usr/share/applications

hduser@archana:~$ gedit /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop

and copy the following to the eclipse.desktop file

[Desktop Entry]






Comment=Integrated Development Environment




  •  Create a symlink in /usr/local/bin using

hduser@archana:~$ cd /usr/local/bin

hduser@archana:~$ sudo ln -s /opt/eclipse/eclipse

  •   Now goto /usr/share/applications and find eclipse.desktop file for launching eclipse , you can drag this file to the launcher.
  • Start Eclipse

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