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Excel Spreadsheet Input Format for Hadoop Map Reduce
I want to read a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using Map Reduce, and found that I cannot use Text Input format of Hadoop to fulfill my requirement. Hadoop does not understand Excel spreadsheet so I landed upon writing custom Input format to achieve the same.
Hadoop works with different types of data formats like flat text files to databases. An InputSplit is nothing more than a chunk of several blocks; it should be pretty rare to get a block boundary ending up at the exact location of a end of line (EOL). Each such split is processed by a single map. Some of my records located around block boundaries should be therefore split in 2 different blocks.

  1. How Hadoop can guarantee all lines from input files are completely read?
  2. How Hadoop can consolidate a line that is starting on block B and that…

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Hadoop: Implementing the Tool interface for MapReduce driver

Hadoop: Implementing the Tool interface for MapReduce driver


Most of people usually create their MapReduce job using a driver code that is executed though its static main method. The downside of such implementation is that most of your specific configuration (if any) is usually hardcoded. Should you need to modify some of your configuration properties on the fly (such as changing the number of reducers), you would have to modify your code, rebuild your jar file and redeploy your application. This can be avoided by implementing the Tool interface in your MapReduce driver code.

Hadoop Configuration

By implementing the Tool interface and extending Configured class, you can easily set your hadoop Configuration object via the GenericOptionsParser, thus through the command line interface. This makes your code definitely more portable (and additionally slightly cleaner) as you do not need to hardcode any specific configuration anymore.

Let’s take a couple of example with and without the use of Tool interface.

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