How to add RevolverMaps Widget to your Blog /Website


This widget displays all visitor locations as well as recent hits with city, state and country information live and in real time. A click on the enlarge button opens the live statistics page.

Go to the site and click on “Get Standard Version”.

Customise the look of your globe by changing Globe, Dimensions, Colors and Advanced Settings to suit your tastes by clicking on the round button


Copy the code from step number 5 [Copy The Code Your Site…]

  •  How to add a widget to

Login to your WordPress account

  1. Go to ‘My Blog’ – ‘Dashboard’ – ‘Appearance’ – ‘Widgets’
  2. Drag the Element ‘Text – Arbitrary text or HTML’ to the sidebar
  3. Copy the code from the RevolverMaps setup page to the big textbox, optionally add a title
  4. Click on save, you’re done.
  • How to add a widget to a ( layout?

Login to your Blogger-account

  1. Choose your blog on the dashboard, click on ‘Layout’. You get an overview of the page elements on your blog.
  2. Click on one of the ‘Add a Gadget’ links, a pop-up opens
  3. Under ‘Basics’ click on ‘HTML/JavaScript’
  4. Paste the code you get at into ‘Content’, optionally add a title
  5. Click on ‘SAVE’
  6. Drag the new page element representing the widget to a position of your choice
  7. Click on ‘PREVIEW’, check if the widget fits into your layout. You may have to experiment a little in order to find appropriate size settings for the widget.
  8. Click on ‘SAVE’, you’re done
  •   How to add a widget to Website?

Copy the code from the RevolverMaps setup page into your web page html code.


Happy bloging 🙂